Extended Round Skeg Strut
This strut is designed for the Cat and Crackerbox.

Bracket has built in adjustability from transom to leading edge of strut
(as shown in picture)

Longer leading edge "gradual taper"

Made from 6061-T6 aircraft quality aluminum.

Designed for 1/4 inch shaft and the 1/4 inch bushing.
Accu-Tech RC Hardware recommends you use a 5/16th brass tube.

Strut total length =  5 inches
Strut width =  1 and 1/4 inches
Strut tube =  2 and 1/2 inches long
Bracket length = 2 inches
Bracket width = 7/8 inch (slim line)
Accu-Tech RC Hardware Recommended Strut Setup
(Bullet Strut Assembly shown in picture)
The 5/16 inch brass tube must go completely through the strut and
the end of the brass tube must be flush with the end of the strut.  
Next insert the bushing into the brass tube and strut.  The bushing will
not be completely flush with the end of the strut due to the collar on
the bushing. Accu-Tech RC Hardware recommends approximately
1/4 inch space from the end of the collar of the bushing to the
beginning of the drive dog which is on the shaft.
1/4 inch bushing
5/16 inch
brass tube