About Us

About Us
Performance Designed!

At Accu-Tech we get to play with all the fast radio control boats we can get our hands on! Our RC boat hardware is designed to pull out all the performance possible from every type of radio control model boat. On our website you can buy RC Boat Hardware that was designed with the knowledge and experience to extract maximum performance from your racing combination.

Beauty for your Beast!

At Accu-Tech we know you want your radio control boat to not only perform well, but to be the hottest looking beast on the water. That is why we have designed all our hardware to be available in the hottest anodized colors on the planet!

Accu-Tech RC Hardware is backed by years of racing experience. James Traut, owner of Accu-Tech has been an innovative leader on the RC Boat Racing Circuit for over 23 years. Therefore when you purchase Accu-Tech RC Hardware, you are guaranteed a competition proven design, that has been refined over years of racing. The same engineering mastermind used on years of winning boats is found on every piece of hardware Accu-tech RC Hardware manufactures.

When designing RC boat hardware our goals are to make it from the highest quality stock, make it light, make it strong, make it efficient, and most important make it perform and look perfect! No oversize, bulky, over-designed or gimmicky products. Just beautiful hardware that will perform as good as it looks.

Take advantage of our experience and expertise. Accu-tech spends countless hours developing the finest looking and best performing RC boat hardware on the market.
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