Did receive all items today in perfect condition ! Many thanks Accu-Tech for this high quality and most superb 1/8 scale hardware !!

Stephane - Canada

I would like to extend my sincere thanks and gratitude for such a quality product, the machining is 1st class, absolute art in it's purest form. Thanks for such a smooth, hassle free transaction, I am looking forward to dealing with you again in the future when I need some more hardware. Thanks again for the excellent product in addition to outstanding customer service, it has been very well received. Keep up the excellent work Kind Regards

Michael - Western Australia

Thanks again for providing a superior product, with great customer service.

Randy - Pace, FL

Thanks to James and his wife at Accu-Tech hardware I am entering in the wonderful world of 1/8 scale boating. They are very professionel at what they do and provide you with the best product there is. James took me step by step for the built of my hydro and gave me the best advice for the running of the boat. Thanks Accu-Tech hardware and keep up the good work..... 3 thumbs up........

Alex - Montreal, Canada

Thank you again for your superb, efficient and friendly service. I wish all hobby parts exports from the USA were handled by you !

Wennie - South Africa

I'm an Italian Boat Modeler and I would like to thank Debbie and James from Accu-Tech RC Hardware, not only for the best items of hardware that I can buy, but especially for the great availability, courtesy and assistance that these nice people have given me both before and after my purchase. Thank you very much again from your Italian friend.

Giuseppe - Italy

I have been racing for 3 years now and for someone to step up and supply parts built for racers is a huge step in the right direction for me and my racing buddies. I've used the new Slingshot rudder made from 7075 aluminum and it has proven it's strength in race conditions. The Slingshot and Accu-Tech will give you the edge a racer needs. Another huge plus for me is Debbie and James... their customer service is icing on the cake and I love icing.

Michael - Heathrow, FL

Y'all are great. I placed my order to you on a Saturday and by Sunday evening it was shipped with a tracking number in my hand. All of the hardware was top notch for my Thunderboat. Thanks again for the first class products and service.

Ted - St. Louis, MO

I will be the first, but guaranteed not the last, to tell you that Accu-Tech hardware is second to none. The quality and craftsmanship of their products is unmatched, not only that their products are built with speed and competition in mind. They don't stop there, my hydro was not built to race, I just wanted to make it as fast as possible. Since I wasn't racing it I wanted the (Bling) and went with their anodized products, the finish was incredible!! That's not all, I have saved the best for last. The service is amazing, I had never built a hydro before and James took me under his highly educated wing and walked me through it. Giving me all the info I needed to build it like a pro, not because he needed to, because he wanted to. You won't find better service and you won't find better people. THANKS Accu-Tech for all you've done.

Devin Hyman - Chatham, IL

The parts that I received from Accu-Tech were second to none in machining quality, finish and price. They come with all the hardware you need to bolt them on.

Brad - Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Thank you for the prompt and helpful service. I am able to get parts from you faster than from local dealers. Also, the quality is excellent.

John - Orlando, FL
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